Month: August 2019

“Resolve” Official Selection At The 2019 IndieX Film Fest And More!

  WOW!!! Team Rebelution Films’ short Resolve not only is an Official Selection at the 2019 IndieX Film Fest, but it also got nominated for some really neat awards. Although Resolve ultimately didn’t win, it were recognized in the following categories: Best Indie Short, Best Women Short, Best Experimental Short, and Best Makeup & Hairstyling by Lindsey DeLaney and Julia Paley. I am so so proud…

Extended Stay Nominated for Best Cinematography

Congratulations to our amazing DP on our WOMAS shoot for our scene from our first feature film Extended Stay. Women Making A Scene just nominated Jessica Connel for Best Cinematography! Our scene is simply gorgeous, and there’s no way it would look the way it does without her. Kudos Jessica! And Go Team Rebelution!!!