“Resolve” Official Selection And Multiple Award Winner At The 2020 Best Actor Award – New York


As Resolve inches towards the end of its film festival run, I found this most recent news especially exciting!  Not only was Resolve an Official Selection at the 2020 Best Actor Award – New York, but it won awards in the following categories!

The Gold Award Winner for Best Ensemble given to the entire cast — Poonam Basu, Heather Ludwig, Gordon Martin Meacham & Austin Dragovich and me.

The Gold Award Winner for Best Duo Performance given to Heather Ludwig & me.

And I was the Platinum Award Winner for Best Voice Over Performance!

Resolve was also The Gold Award Winner for Best Actress in a Noir Film given to Poonam Basu.


I am so honored for this recognition and these awards. I thank The Best Actor Award – New York  so very much. The hard work, dedication and passion that the actors, and everyone on the team put into making this film is incredible. And the recognition and support from all over the world that Resolve has been receiving is simply amazing to watch. Go Team Rebelution Films!

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