Back On Set!

This week I had the pleasure of working with The School Of Night on their film adaptation of their critically acclaimed stage play Punch And Judy, a “live-action adaptation of the western world’s most enduring popular entertainment [that] follows the beloved and irascible domestic abuser Punch on a hilarious and kill-crazed day of adventure”. It was really amazing to be…

“Resolve” Official Selection At The 2020 Kalakari Film Festival

This is a truly a special Official Selection for Resolve. Team Rebelution Films’ submission and acceptance into the 2020 Kalakari Film Festival helped the festival donate food packages to families in need in Sonkatch, Dewas, MP, India. I am very thankful to the Kalakari Film Fest for this incredible honor and I think it is wonderful that this fest is donating…

“Resolve” Winner Best Mystery At The 2020 Rome International Movie Awards

Wow, this is truly exciting news! Resolve just won Best Mystery at the 2020 Rome International Movie Awards! I am simply over the moon, many thanks to the judges of the Rome International Movie Awards for this incredible honor. And to every single member of the wonderful team that worked on Resolve, congratulations! Go Team Rebelution Films!!!


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