Mister Harmac Series

Official Poster

I had an absolute blast working on the web series Mister Harmac, and I had the wonderful opportunity to guest star as Dr. Sheila Nicols on Episode 2: Mister Harmac And Mr. Mister Harmac. You can check out my episode HERE (along with the rest of the episodes that have been released).

Here I am along with my co-stars, Jaret Sacrey (Mister Harmac) & Max Thayer (Mr. Mister Harmac)

Oaktown Island Presents: Mister Harmac And Mr. Mister Harmac
Official Selection at Seoul WebFest 2022
Directed by Kristen Hansen
Written by Matt Morillo
Produced by Heather Brawley
Jaret Sacrey
Esther Mira
Max Thayer
Kirstie Muñoz

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