Esther Mira – Demo Reel

Copyright 2022

Mister Harmac And Mr. Mister Harmac (Episode 2 of the Mister Harmac Mini Series)

Copyright 2022

Esther Mira – Full Reel

Copyright 2021

Ten Minutes – A young lawyer tries to calm down her agitated client.

Copyright 2021

A Second Opinion – A doctor speaks with a nurse and a disgruntled patient.

Copyright 2021

Vaudeville – A detective tries to get more information from a less than cooperative witness at the scene of a crime.

Copyright 2021

Excerpt from With My Eyes Shut, Winner of Best In Dance & Physical Theatre at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival and The Encore Producers’ Award at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Starring Craig Shields and Esther Mira.

Copyright 2018

Voice Over Reel

Copyright 2023

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