First Review Of Women w/o Walls

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Yesterday was Broads’ Word Theatre’s opening performance of the World Premiere of Robin Rice’s Women w/o Walls, and we already got our first review! You can view it in its entirety at (link is HERE). Many thanks to Sheri Barrett for coming out to see the show!

Some highlights:

“BWW Review: WOMEN WITHOUT WALLS Takes Four Incredible Actresses to Their Final Destination”

“…thought-provoking… perfectly cast with each of the actresses fully embodying their character’s persona and physicality.”

“…Esther Mira’s Pamela appears to be on the train to visit her over-bearing father who has basically given her anything she wants in life. Toting her boxed clarinet with her, she seems totally disgusted by the train’s dirty environment, wiping down the seats before sitting on them. But the first clue of her journey takes place when she removes her sunglasses, allowing us to see her vulnerability, even though she admits to hiding her shortcomings from her father. As she explores her life, Mira smoothly transitions from uptight snob to a caring and supportive friend to the other strangers.”

“…the swaying motion of the actresses throughout their journey…allows the train to be perceived as all the more real…”

Women w/o Walls will have performances at The Lounge Theatres on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 4pm until December 12th. You can purchase tickets HERE.

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