Revolution In A Catsuit


I am thrilled announce that I am currently in rehearsals for an incredible world premiere play. It is called Revolution In A Catsuit and it’s written by London, U.K. Playwright and Actress Somi De Souza and Directed by Stage Raw, NAACP nominee and SONY GOLD Award winner Michael Phillip Edwards. I am working alongside truly brilliant artists including Somi De Souza, Victoria Platt and Guy Picot and I cannot wait to share what we are doing!

Revolution In A Catsuit will open at the Bootleg Theater on April 6th, and although I don’t know the exact dates I’m performing yet (the play is double cast and both casts are amazing, so I recommend seeing both!), I hope you all will come and see it because this play holds a place near and dear to my heart.

It explores the world of two South Asian actresses working desperately against a London casting system that doesn’t care which ‘brown nation’ they come from as long as they ‘seem’ to fit the Western stereotype. The Western understanding (or lack thereof) of ‘brown’ is put under a hilarious and sometimes painful microscope. These two actresses team up to stand against the BIG machine (the BBC) to tackle the issue of racial stereotyping in modern day London media casting. Unfortunately, these two suffer from their own internal struggles with ambition and advancement via the Hollywood Dream. Twisted turns and unforced errors skew their otherwise righteous path to being seen beyond the stereotype and as they truly are — the problem being, who they truly are isn’t always so righteous.

I know a ton of my theatre friends have shows opening at the very same time so I do hope there is a way we can all support one another (I am so excited to see everyone’s shows!). Hooray for the professional, intimate theatre scene here in LA!

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