Loves Adventures – A Hit At Hollywood Fringe 2017!

The Hollywood Fringe Festival has come to a close and I am very happy to report that Broads’ Word Ensemble’s Loves Adventures was a wonderful hit! Audiences and critics alike loved our light-hearted farce, and we all had a blast doing it!

Selected Excerpts from Reviews:

“There is some really good material in LOVES ADVENTURES. The script is solid, Esther Mira and Faith Kearns in particular did a good job with the language and archetypal characters…Good fight work, familiar and welcome tropes, and some good performances at play”. – Matt Ritchey, Certified Reviewer

“Fight choreography was ON POINT! Such a fun scene. Also, costumes!! Standout performances by Esther Mira and Chineze Enekwechi…This show is FUN. I saw it after a long day at work and it put a smile on my face immediately, just an absolute delight”. – Tiffany Cascio, Certified Reviewer

“Delightful! Loves Adventures is a beautifully-conceived Restoration comedy: in Hollywood shorthand, an “18th-Century Rom Com”. Or in this case, an 18th Century Feminist Romcom. Broads Words is a passionate company who have staged the lesser-known work of Margaret Cavendish, giving important exposure to the voice of a female playwright from the Restoration era, deftly cutting longer scenes into bite-sized chunks…Broads Words cleverly turn this on its head, showing strong powerful women who take the lead, like Esther Mira’s graceful & artful performance as Lady Bashful”. – Marcus J Freed, Certified Reviewer


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