Update On WOMAS (Women Making A Scene) Feature Film Competition

I along with the rest of Team Rebelution Films want to congratulate the amazing female led film crews/filmmakers who are the semi-finalists of the WOMAS (Women Making A Scene) International Feature Film Competition! Even though Team Rebelution isn’t one of the semi-finalists, we are so happy for the teams that are as we know how grueling (and rewarding, exciting, thrilling!) this whole process of creating a film (even if it’s just a scene) can be!

I am so proud of our team and all of the hard work everyone put in to making our scene from our first feature film, Extended Stay. I got to work with such dedicated, professional and truly talented people, and I can’t wait to work with everyone again! I want to thank everyone who worked on this scene, and for becoming a part of the Team Rebelution Family.

Although our scene wasn’t chosen as a semi-finalist, it was chosen to be screened at WOMAS’s Local Group Screening. We are in Group B on Aug 5th at 8pm in La Mesa. Out of 100 teams (not including the additional 21 semi-finalists), our scene was one of only 26 films chosen! My producer and I received amazing feedback for our scene and are currently in pre-production to make Extended Stay (our first narrative feature film) a reality!

There are so many incredible women from all over the world that submitted scenes to the WOMAS competition and that gives me hope for where our industry is headed. Here’s to more inclusion, diversity (of all kinds, on all fronts), and stories from underrepresented voices in our industry! GO TEAM REBELUTION!!!


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