Three New Projects Coming Soon From Team Rebelution Films

At the end of March, Team Rebelution Films will be shooting three films, and I couldn’t be more excited! We’ve finalized our cast and crew, and we’ve secured where we will be filming. I’ve written two of the three pieces, and my good friend Joseph Kibler has written the third. I’ll also be directing all three! I know this is a big undertaking, and I am up for the challenge! We have built such an amazing team since Team Rebelution began that I know this shoot is going to be a blast!

The three films are A Second Opinion, starring Heather Ludwig as Melissa Clarkson and Daniel Kohl as Nurse Charlie; Vaudeville, starring Omari Washington as Detective Jones, Darcey Rhoads as Jen, and myself as Detective Martinez; and Ten Minutes, starring Dionne Neish as Officer Julia Prescott and Gordon Meacham as Simon Livingston. Make sure to check back here for updates!

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