The 2021 Houston Comedy Film Festival

L to R: Mikel Fair (Festival Director of The Houston Comedy Film Festival & many other festivals), Esther Mira/Me (Executive Producer/Director/Co-Writer/Actress of Inn Communication), Jessica Connel (Cinematographer & Producer of Inn Communication), and Gordon Martin Meacham (Producer & Actor of Inn Communication).

We had such a blast at the 2021 Houston Comedy Film Festival! Inn Communication was nominated for Best Comedy Micro Film, and while it didn’t end up winning, it was still such a huge honor to be a finalist and to get to travel to Houston after having not traveled out of Souther California for over a year and a half! I’ve also never been to Texas before, and it was so much fun! Inn Communication will be coming to the end of its film festival run soon, and I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this whole experience this has been for me. Go Team Rebelution!!!

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