Ace Date The Film

I am thrilled to be joining these incredible artists  as Co-Producer of Ace Date!
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Ace Date is about Sydney (played by Rodnesha Green), an ace (asexual identifying individual) who goes on blind dates to appease her overbearing roommate and best friend, Rachel (played by Kali Thomas). She truly has no desire to date, but she has learned over the years that it’s easier to oblige her pushy friend. Adam (played by Daniel Kohl), is a lonely writer eager to find “the one”. This is the story of their blind date.
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While Ace Date isn’t solely about asexuality, creator/director Kali Thomas talks about how through developing the character of Sydney she came to realize that she identifies as asexual. Kali writes, “We aren’t all on an eternal search for a life-long partner, and that’s ok #acerepresentation
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We are so close to reaching our goal, so if you are able to make a pledge, head on over to Seed&Spark and donate! If you aren’t able to dontate, you can still support Ace Date by following on Instagram & on Seed&Spark. We become eligible for some exciting goodies to help make this film if we hit a certain number of followers on Seed&Spark, and it takes no time to create an account!

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