The Reviews Are In: Must Be Comfortable With Is A Hit!

The Hollywood Fringe Festival has come and gone and I am happy to report that Broads’ Word Ensemble’s production of “Must Be Comfortable With” was a HUGE hit at this year’s festival. Sold out performances with audience members and press alike loving every minute of it!

Tracey Paleo of Gia On The Move thought #mustBcomfyW was fantastic and “highly recommended” it. You can read her full review HERE.

David MacDowell Blue of Night-Tinted Glasses felt #mustBcomfyW hit it’s target and not only made the audience laugh, but think about important issues. You can read his full review HERE.

And you can check out the audience reviews HERE.

I am so proud of this show and all of the incredible women involved. I do hope that we will be able to expand on this show in the future and take it to schools, universities and perhaps even other festivals.

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