Somatic Workshop With Fabiano Culora 8/11/16 – 8/14/16

Fabiano Fabio Culora is teaching an incredible Somatic Workshop beginning August 11th here in LA. He is traveling all the way from the UK to teach this special workshop. If you would like to join, please email Alariza Nevarez at I think there are only a couple of open spots left, and I promise you this is going to be an amazing experience. I am very excited for this workshop and I can’t wait to begin exploring with Fabio!


Somatic Workshop 2


*Here is some more information about the workshop*

Embodied Relational Practice for Interdisciplinary Performers:

What resources can we cultivate in ourselves to enable a grounded and authentic emotional exchange? Experiential anatomy will guide our orientation, principles of Authentic Movement and somatic psychology offer frameworks that will hold the process of attending to ourselves and others. What quality of ‘presence’ emerges in the process? How can we map and register transformation? How can we recognize embodied holism?

This 4 day workshop will involve solo, partner, triad and ensemble explorations in embodied presence and creative process. It will include:

• Meditative/contemplative practice
• Movement study – based on Body Mind Centering, developmental and evolutionary anatomy, applications of Authentic Movement and improvisational scores.
• Touch bodywork – informed through an integrative somatic patterning practice facilitating ‘bodymind’ awareness/presence.
• Relational practice – held within the framework of somatic psychology. The communication between moving, writing/drawing and speaking (embodied language) will be encouraged. Skills in self-reflection will be developed and conscious feedback to others refined.

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